Institutional Accountability and Individual Liberty

This program encourages the active participation of citizens in government, seeks to make government and private institutions more accountable and responsive, and supports efforts to ensure that individuals’ rights and liberties under the Constitution are protected. Past grants have included support for work to overcome roadblocks to registration and voting; efforts to expand access to government information; advocacy to promote electronic disclosure of campaign contributions; and a broad range of program initiatives aimed at holding government agencies and public officials accountable for their actions.


Voter Registration Modernization
Over the past decade, a number of states have taken a range of official actions designed, in practice, to limit voting of the poor, elderly, newly enfranchised immigrants, and people of color. The Voter Registration Modernization initiative was created to counter these efforts and is focused on expanding participation in the nation’s democracy by enacting legislation to provide automatic and permanent registration to all voters.  

Representative Grants


Center for Investigative Reporting
Reporting on student debt.

Center for Public Integrity
Support for efforts to examine how the financial system exploits the working class.

Ending prison-based gerrymandering.

Fair Elections Legal Network 
Campus Vote project.

Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund

Support for the rural electric co-op democracy project.

Free Speech for People
Support for the Legal Advocacy Program.

National Institute on Money in State Politics
Support for work to trace the money behind jail industry policy.

People for the American Way
Support for the Young Elected Officials Network Justice Reform Academy.

Voice of the Ex-Offender
Support for the Statewide Civic Education and Engagement project.


Brennan Center for Justice
Support for the initiative to reduce mass incarceration.

FairDistricts Now, Inc.
To defend and enforce redistricting reform in Florida

Free Press
For organizing and coalition building to end mass surveillance.

The Marshall Project
Support for the Money, Politics and Justice Project.

New York University
General support for the Institute for Policy Integrity.