President Obama Signs Two Historic Executive Actions on Equal Pay

This year, advocates marked April 8 as Equal Pay Day - the day when women’s earnings finally catch up to those of their male counterparts from the previous year. President Obama gave advocates reason to hope that the pay gap will narrow when he signed two executive actions aimed at strengthening enforcement of equal pay laws for women. Ensuring equal pay for equal work is a critical component of women's economic justice. 

AAAS Releases Definitive Report on Climate Change

RFF's work with climate experts from the American Academy for the Advancement of Science has come to fruition. The AAAS's "What We Know" report is an effort to move beyond any scientific doubt and to prompt action before consequences are irreversible. Read coverage in the New York Times.

Mayor de Blasio Pushes to Expand NYC's Paid Sick Days Legislation

Following up on his campaign promise to improve the lives of working families, Mayor de Blasio presented a bill that requires businesses with five or more employees (down from 15) to offer five days of paid sick leave. This bill, if passed, will expand coverage to an additional 360,000 workers above the previously included 1.2 million people.


Continuing a trend since the mid-2000s, the U.S. coal industry had nothing but bad news in 2013--from falling production and closures of existing coal-fired plants to impending, new carbon pollution regulations. As American coal seeks a larger share of the global fossil fuel market, the threat of significant new U.S. coal export capacity looms large. RFF's National Coal Program, working in conjunction with its partners, has responded by strategically supporting regional coalitions of advocates who have already defeated five proposed coal export facilities. Since the beginning of the coal rush in 2005, RFF has been at the center of leading efforts to keep coal--and its carbon-intense emissions--in the ground. 


EPIC Challenges NSA Surveillance:

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is refiling its petition with the Supreme Court, challenging the legal authority of the secret court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, that approved the NSA's metadata collection of phone records. EPIC's case has been vastly strengthened by the findings of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board which concluded that the program was illegal and should be shut down--far eclipsing President Obama's announcement that he will direct the NSA to limit some surveillance practices. Meanwhile, federal courts in New York and in Washington, DC have issued conflicting rulings on the legality of NSA's massive phone snooping--guaranteeing a future court battle.

IEEFA's International Coal Work Takes Off:

Rarely does an organization chart new territory for the advocacy community and provide resources and expertise where none existed before. Such is the history of RFF's recently spun-off project, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. The Institute's reports and analyses have been game-changers in the hard look at coal investment risk, first in the U.S. and now internationally.

Paid Sick Days Win in Newark:

Unanimously passed by the Newark City Council in January 2014, the new law will provide 38,000 workers with paid sick days. NJ Senator Cory Booker tweeted, "Newark will be 7th US city to guarantee #paidsickdays, making it an even better place for workers & a model for NJ & USA. Congrats @NJWFA.