Application Process

The Rockefeller Family Fund has implemented an initial online inquiry system as part of its grantmaking process. The initial inquiry system consists of an eligibility quiz followed by an online letter of inquiry. However, before taking the eligibility quiz, we urge you to review the Frequently Asked Questions section, which details our funding guidelines.

You may begin the initial online application process by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page labeled "Initial Online Application". You will be redirected to a site where you will create an account using a valid email address and password. You will receive an email confirming that you created an account. Please keep a record of your login information as you will need it to access your account in the future.

After creating an account, you will take a short eligibility quiz to help determine whether your organization is a candidate for funding. After taking the quiz, you will receive one of the following notifications:

  • A message confirming your organization's eligibility; or
  • A message disqualifying your organization from eligibility.

Applicants who pass the eligibility quiz will move on to the next stage in the process, which is the online letter of inquiry.

Please note that when completing your online letter of inquiry (LOI):

You must answer all questions highlighted with a red asterisk. You will be unable to submit your LOI if you do not answer these questions.

You can save and continue your LOI at any time, by clicking the button labeled "SAVE AND FINISH LATER".

Once you have completed your application, click the "REVIEW AND SUBMIT" button which will allow you to review your LOI one last time before submitting it to the Fund.

Submitted inquiries are final and cannot be edited.

We recommend that you print a copy of your LOI for your records.

You will receive an email from the Fund acknowledging receipt of your LOI.

What happens next? The Rockefeller Family Fund responds to all inquiries and staff review applications throughout the year. Please allow approximately four to six weeks for staff to review and respond to your LOI. If your LOI is approved, you will be invited to submit a full proposal, along with instructions for submitting a full proposal online.

Click here to begin or continue your Initial Online Application.