Our Grant-Making Programs

The Rockefeller Family Fund makes grants in three program areas.  The guidelines for these program areas and sample lists of grants are available on each program home page.

RFF provides support within these program areas for advocacy efforts that are action-oriented and likely to lead to tangible public policy results.

Within its program guidelines, RFF supports tax-exempt organizations engaged in activities of national significance. Thus, we do not ordinarily consider projects which pertain to a single community, except in the rare instance where a project is unique, strategically placed to advance a national issue, or is likely to serve as a national model.

Because RFF has limited resources, priority is often given to organizations working as partners on RFF initiatives. Thus, we are unable to assist most applicants. Grants are rarely made to organizations that traditionally enjoy popular support, such as museums, hospitals, or endowed institutions. Seldom are grants made for academic or scholarly research, and never for social or human service programs. Nor are grants made to support individuals, scholarships, international programs, profit-making businesses, construction or restoration projects, or to reduce an organization's debt.

For more detail, please see:
•    Environment
•    Economic Justice for Women
•    Democracy